Russian promotes new site for immigrants

Yuri Mosha, a businessman from the Kuban region of Russia who moved to the U.S., and his partner have launched a new online social network for immigrants and tourists called RadarSpeak.

The RadarSpeak project, or “Sootechestvenniki na Radare” in Russian, was created by Denis Mysenko, a Tomsk University graduate. Mosha and his business partner registered a company in New York called World Internet Project (“Myrovye internet-proyekti”) with $20,000 put up by investors. Like all the other social networks, the project will make money by selling advertising space.

The social network determines the location of the user (country, region and city) each time he or she logs onto the site. Users can choose to communicate only with people in the same location, and who speak the same language.

The website was launched about two months ago; at the moment, 13 languages are available (by clicking under the blue circle on the main page) and 10,000 users are registered. Developers expect RadarSpeak to grow as much as the most famous social networks. In three years, they anticipate 10 million registered users. The address of the website is

Versions for all the popular mobile platforms are to be launched in the near future.



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